Behind Lafos:

We love technology. We love building cool things. But sometimes, the engineers can get carried away and build things that are way too complex and difficult for an average user to use, or even, to find useful at all. We used to be experts in doing that. We designed exquisite robotics, virtual reality and simulation systems that did amazing things and were incredibly hardcore, only to realize we had gone too far.

What is the point of building great products that nobody knows how to use or only very few could afford? Or how could they be great if nobody needs them in the first place? A wise man said “It is very hard to become useful.” And he is very correct. We want to be useful, to put our engineering power and OCD into good use. Our goal is to build some devices that actually help people’s daily lives, that are not only useful, affordable, but also extraordinarily easy to use.

The philosophy behind Lafos, is that we want to create an effortless experience for the customers. We build from the user experience backwards to the engineering, and try our best to keep the customer side clean and simple, which brings a lot of challenges into the design side as you may imagine. We don’t overclaim we can do a million things only to realize later we would get most of them done poorly. Instead, we do one thing at a time, and put all of our energy there to make that one thing work really really well, then we start from there.

Lafos for now is not by any means perfect. There are still lots of room for improvements. But it has become useful enough that our staffs were willing to share it with their friends and families, and they seem to be enjoying it quite well. So, we thought it might be the time for more people to try it out.